Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tony Goes Black and White

A friend of mine, Tony, came over to see the studio and talk about old times. I hired him years ago as a photographer/editor. He now is an assignment editor (nice promotion) and doing a heckuva job.

Tony produced a series on a young man who went to Iraq and left that war as a double amputee. The young man whose name is Adrian had been a star basketball player in high school. What Tony and viewers quickly learned about Adrian was that this young man's spirit refuses to allow his misfortune in Iraq, to poison his life. Adrian, besides loving hoops, is a huge admirer of comedian George Lopez. That tid bit will come into play later on.

Anyway, after producing the series, Tony came to befriend Adrian. It was quite something to see the level in which Tony dedicated his time and affections to Adrian. Eventually, news of Tony and Adrian and the story behind their relationship somehow caught the ear of George Lopez. The comedian flew the two to a concert in Los Angeles where he was performing, and soon also found himself wanting to connect in this infectious affair. Two years later we now have an authentic rendition of the 3 amigos, who are constantly in each others company and enjoying friendship at it's truest core.

Alright to wrap this up, as I said Tony came over to see the setup. We really didn't do a shoot, but he wanted to see how strobes work as opposed to hot lights. I fired off 4 or 5 shots and later converted this one to a black and white. I like it because he is also my friend.

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Mary said...

Great job on the moody lighting Brent!